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A leading specialist for high-quality heat exchangers

  • Testimonial - Hartmut Lenz
    Fabian Klar and Hartmut Lenz

    “FUNKE heat exchangers are above the standard.”

    We develop customized shell-and-tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers for our customers. I’m closely involved in the process, from materials procurement and assembly all the way to pressure testing, and my job is to ensure compliance with our stringent quality standards.

    Hartmut Lenz

A leading industry specialist, FUNKE is an expert partner for high-quality, customized heat exchangers.

Together with our employees, we have gathered wide-ranging expertise in the computation, design and manufacture of heat exchangers over the course of our forty-year history – while retaining a constant focus on each customer’s specific requirements.

We work closely with our customers to apply our experience in manufacturing and service to the whole process of the computation, design and production of customized equipment. Thanks to our many years of experience and highly qualified employees, we are competent in all the current computation methods used in process engineering, thermodynamics, stress calculations and vibrational analysis. This enables us to offer our customers products that are precisely configured to their requirements.

Interdisciplinary, interdepartmental collaboration between our employees enables us to produce comprehensively optimized heat exchangers that are compliant with the highest standards in individuality, quality and innovation.

The FUNKE product range

To ensure we fulfill our own high standards, we concentrate on making shell-and-tube heat exchangers and plate heat exchangers that are optimized specifically for each customer.

We also offer modular standard equipment for standard applications.

Our safety heat exchangers and sterile equipment cater to special applications in the hygiene-focused chemical/pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Finally, our customer-oriented range also encompasses standard industry products for operation and maintenance of our heat exchangers.

Shell-and-tube heat exchangers from FUNKE are characterised by a high degree of technical maturity, thanks to decades of development. Drawing on the most stringent quality standards and multiple innovations, we can offer our customers a wide range of custom-made or series-produced shell-and-tube heat exchangers.

This extensive range of products includes heat exchangers suited to any kind of mechanical engineering and plant construction application, with uses ranging from oil cooling in hydraulic systems and drying process gasses to condensation of vapor and heating of all kinds of media.

Working closely with our customers, the solutions we calculate are always optimized economically and in terms of energy.

Our high-quality plate heat exchangers are also available both as customer-oriented special solutions and as standard models. They feature heat exchange surfaces of up to 2,000 m² and a wide range of temperature and pressure levels, which means we can cater to almost every individual requirement in the industry. An innovative offset system with asymmetrical flow gaps makes our heat exchangers highly efficient: their performance-to-area ratio can be up to 17 per cent above that of conventional equipment.

This unique feature has helped make FUNKE one of the leading specialists for high-quality heat exchangers.

Customer-oriented design and computation

Our highly qualified and experienced employees are competent in the most complex computation and design processes for heat exchangers. When carrying out customer-oriented optimization, we take into account rules and standards such as the Pressure Equipment Guideline AD 2000, the TEMA standards and certifications according to ASME and BSI.

FUNKE is a competent supplier of high-quality heat exchangers for customers with stringent requirements in terms of custom optimization of their hydraulic systems.

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