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For all kinds of industries and almost any application, FUNKE can supply solutions with optimal thermodynamic design. The product portfolio covers shell-and-tube heat exchangers, plate heat exchangers, air-cooled heat exchangers and electric oil pre-heaters. In addition to heat exchangers produced with a modular system design, we produce heat exchangers according to customer specifications in compliance with international standards and regulations.

Plate heat exchangers

FUNKE plate heat exchangers – efficient exchange of heat in compact dimensions in building services and refrigeration, in industry, in power plants or in relation to renewable energy.

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Shell-and-tube heat exchangers

FUNKE shell-and-tube heat exchangers for all thermodynamic requirements in mechanical and system engineering, from series model to custom solution.

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Air-cooled heat exchangers

Air-cooled heat exchangers for use in mechanical and system engineering, in construction machines and in special-purpose vehicle construction.

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Electric oil pre-heaters

FUNKE oil pre-heaters for reducing the viscosity of oil, fire-resistant fluids and emulsions to optimise machine performance.

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