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    Mira Güldenpfennig

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    What I most appreciate about my job is the flexible working hours, the varied work, and the contact with international customers. In my opinion, FUNKE is all about team spirit, flexibility and responsibility.

Management has derived a comprehensive environmental policy from our corporate values, in order to fulfill the standards we have set ourselves in relation to high-quality products and sustainable working methods. This policy has been internalized by our employees, who implement it in their everyday activities.

In many sectors, the energy-efficiency achieved by the heat exchangers installed is a key factor in the overall energy-efficiency of processes and buildings. For example, highly efficient heat exchangers can help our customers to realize energy savings by making use of waste heat, to reduce environmental contamination and to slash energy requirements in ventilation systems.

In developing our products, we therefore focus on producing high-quality heat exchangers that are as efficient as possible and are tailored to the customers’ requirements. Higher efficiency in heat exchange means that less climate-changing CO2 is released to the wider environment.

We hold our suppliers to the same standards as we do ourselves in terms of ensuring that our activities are sustainable and environmentally responsible. We make a point of not purchasing any materials that are from conflict zones or that are linked to exploitative practices or child labor. “People before profit” is our motto.

The management is committed to complying with all statutory provisions and all other regulations relevant to our environmental footprint.

FUNKE’s management system is focused on continuously improving our sustainability and reducing environmental impact, and the company aims to make an active contribution to the conservation of our environment. By means of resource-efficient development and production, separating and avoiding waste, and compliance with and implementation of energy-saving measures, we are able to make the manufacture of high-quality heat exchangers compatible with our stringent environmental and sustainability standards.

Continuous improvement of our environmental policy is ensured by regular analysis and evaluation, as well as subsequent optimization, of all relevant processes.


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